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4" (10 cm) Bowl Series

Capacities to 120 GPM (454 LPM). Requires 5" (12.7 cm) minimum well size

Features andBenefits

Discharge adaptor – Cast iron
Available in 2" female tapered thread

Pump shaft – Chrome plated C1045 steel or stainless steel
Machined, polished, and straightened

Bushings –
Motor bracket – Buna-N rubber, Vesconite
Intermediate – Buna-N rubber or Vesconite

Intermediate bowl – Cast iron
Threaded connections
Reinforced flange, registered fit

Impeller – Stainless steel
Open available for a variety of heads and capacities, balanced to reduce vibration

Collet – 416 stainless steel
Split taper provides tight lock

Sand collar – Bronze
Restricts sand entry to motor bracket bushing

Motor bracket – Cast iron
Fits 4" (10 cm) standard NEMA motors

Thrust collar – Bronze
Provides optimal upthrust protection

Inlet screen – 416 stainless steel
Limits entry of large objects into pump while allowing sufficient inflow of water

Motor coupling – 416 stainless steel
Provides non-corrosive connection between motor and pump shafts

Cable guard – stainless steel
Provides motor lead protection

60 Hz
1-1/2 - 10 HP
120 GPM (454 LPM)
4 - 17
Discharge Size
Impeller Type