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Top of the Line Testing Facility

May 14, 2024

By chelseay

At the heart of Wolf Pumps’ commitment to excellence lies its state-of-the-art testing facility, a testament to precision engineering and quality assurance. With a myriad of advanced features and capabilities, this facility ensures that every pump leaving the production line meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Wolf Pumps’ testing facility truly top-of-the-line:

Impressive Performance Metrics:

Max Working Pressure: 1500 psi
Max Flow Rate: 8000 GPM
Max Horsepower on VFD: 500 HP
Max Voltage: 6600
Max Amps: 1200

Comprehensive Testing Infrastructure:

Two Axis Vibration Readings: Ensuring optimal performance and durability.
65,000 Gallons of Reserve Water: Providing ample supply for rigorous testing.
Two 60-inch Casings, 85 ft. deep: Accommodating various pump sizes and configurations.
66 ft. tall Tower with 4 Ton Electric Crane: Facilitating easy handling and installation of pumps.

Advanced Monitoring and Analysis Tools:

Calibrated Electronic Flow Meters: Accurately measuring flow rates for precise performance assessment.
Air Operated Valves: Enabling controlled testing environments.
Yokagawa Motor Analyzer: Ensuring motors meet stringent performance criteria.
Custom Computer Program: Facilitating data collection and performance curve generation.
Remote View for Offsite Witness Testing: Allowing remote monitoring and validation of testing processes.

Wolf Pumps’ testing facility isn’t just about impressive numbers; it’s about ensuring that each pump meets and exceeds customer expectations. Every component is meticulously tested under real-world conditions to guarantee reliability, efficiency, and longevity. Whether it’s for municipal water supply, industrial processes, or agricultural irrigation, customers can trust Wolf Pumps to deliver pumps that perform flawlessly, even in the most demanding environments.

In an industry where precision and reliability are paramount, Wolf Pumps’ commitment to rigorous testing sets it apart as a leader. With a focus on innovation and quality assurance, Wolf Pumps continues to raise the bar, ensuring that each pump bearing its name is synonymous with excellence.